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What We Do...

LifeLift’s unique 4-stage ministry model enables communities to experience spiritual and physical transformation that multiplies the impact into their neighboring villages or regions. See how it works below...

How We Work...

(In four simple steps)
1 Realtionship - 2 Infrastructure - 3 Leadership - 4 Indigenous Missions

It all begins with Relationship...

The Life Lift model starts with the formation of partnerships with Government, Industry and Community.


Infrastructure Development

Partnering with communities to help them grow, escaping life in survival mode with 3-year and 5-year plans to economic sustainability.


Leadership Empowerment and Mobilization

Nurturing a network of indigenous, educated and theologically grounded leaders who desire to impact their local community, and their country.


Indigenous Missions, Evangelism and Church Planting

Helping communities reach their neighbors as only they can!


The indigenous missionaries of tomorrow are standing on the shoulders of the long-term missionaries of the past.

Lasting Results, Eternal Impact.

Ultimately, we desire to see an infrastructure of theologically grounded, mature indigenous leaders giving back to neighboring communities in ways greater than we could ever imagine.

How Can I Help?

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